Women’s Self-Defense Workshop May 25th

Women's Self Defense

I’m excited to announce that I will be teaching a Women’s Self-Defense Workshop on Wed, May 25th from 6‐7:30p at Yoga 4 All in Wales (208 E. Oak Crest Drive).

Keep yourself and others protected by learning the basics of street safety and self‐defense in this 90-minute workshop. We will cover how to be aware of threats in public places, how to be confident in a dangerous situation, and self-defense techniques for when protecting yourself is the only option.

This is a hands-on workshop where the students will learn real punching, kicking, and dynamic defense techniques from our traditional Chinese martial arts system, Pai Lum (White Dragon Style).

The cost is $20 per student, and space is limited! To find out more and sign up, call 262‐719‐0422 or email fmcoakley@gmail.com.

Milwaukee International Walk & Food Festival Demo

For our last demonstration of the year, Rising Dragon again participated in the Milwaukee International Walk & Food Festival. It being late in the summer, the weather was nice and cool and the event had a great turnout.

After the demo, we munched on food from local restaurants and participated in some of the other festivities, such as street painting. Then later in the afternoon, a team from our group performed on the stage with some special forms. A great way to close out the demo season!

July 4th Demonstration at Jackson Park

This was my second year participating in the festivities at Jackson Park for July 4th with Rising Dragon. We performed our basics, kung fu forms, tai chi, and weapons forms.

Afterward we had a quick class where we taught the audience a few self defense techniques, and then did some board breaking. We had a great crowd that especially loved the board breaking. My son Sam participated, and was able to break his first board this year!

Outdoor Tai Chi

I’ve always felt that the best way to train is outside, among nature! Here are some photos of me during a recent visit to Cushing Memorial Park in Delafield, inspired by Sifu Melodie Jungmann’s “Urban Kung Fu” project. Thanks to my lovely wife Daphne for taking the pictures.

Instructor Level Testing


After several years of training and teaching, I’m proud to say that I’ve finally reached Sifu (full instructor) status in Pai Yang Tai Chi. Our system requires a 3-day test to gain this level, which taxes your endurance as much as your memory and skill in the movements of the art.

Thanks so much to my teachers, Sigung Steve Jungmann​, Sifu Tim Kern​ and Sifu Andrea Pankowski​, as well as the many other teachers and friends who I’ve met along the way. Also, congratulations to my cohorts in testing, Sifu Melodie Jungmann​ and Sifu Douglas Bowman​.

However, this is just a first step into a larger world of learning and teaching, and I’m excited to continue on that path.

2015 Wisconsin Spring Tournament

I was proud to compete in this year’s Wisconsin Spring Tournament at Rising Dragon Martial Arts this May, where we had competitors from two different schools and events ranging from martial arts forms to weapons, sparring and full contact fighting. I competed in two events, winning first place in Black Belt Tai Chi Forms and second in Tai Chi Push Hands Sparring. I also did photo and video coverage of the tournament, and was able to capture some of the beautiful movements of the competitors — I have shown here some of the pictures I took of the event. Great heart and spirit were shown by everyone involved!

March seminars with Sifu William Luciano

Sifu William Luciano, March 2015
Sifu William Luciano, a practitioner and teacher of various types of martial arts for over 40 years, visited us at Rising Dragon this past weekend from New York State and gave seminars on weapons, push hands, tai chi and kung fu.

It’s always exciting when martial arts teachers and masters come to visit, since they often give you a different perspective on your training than your regular teachers. However, I think Sifu Luciano’s perspective is particularly special, since he has trained with so many teachers both in and out of Pai Lum and in many different styles and disciplines, as shown on his White Lotus Association profile. His knowledge is expansive and sometimes dizzying.

As with his previous visits, Sifu Luciano gave insight and as a historical perspective that helped me understand each technique, as well as a level of precision that continually inspires me to step up my game. Thanks, Sifu!

HIDTA Law Enforcement Seminar

2015-03-10 11.49.45

Today, several instructors from Rising Dragon Martial Arts, including myself, visited the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas of Milwaukee (HIDTA) offices to give a seminar on self defense to twenty of their Community Organizers. These folks operate in some of the most dangerous parts of the city, working directly with neighborhoods to reduce crime.

Since most of them were new at their jobs, we were able to give them some tips about keeping safe in rough neighborhoods. Some of the things we discussed included proactive awareness of danger, several strategies for staying safe both in the streets and at home, and finally some intervention techniques to defend against different types of attacks.

2015-03-10 11.40.39

While talking with them it was apparent that these people, much like military personnel or firefighters, are putting themselves in danger every day to keep others safe, for which they deserve a lot of respect. The group seemed very enthusiastic about what they learned, particularly the self defense techniques, so I hope that the information we discussed will serve them during their very important work.

Circling hands training with Sigung James


Last weekend I met Sigung James Anderson, a Pai Lum master from Orlando, during his visit to Rising Dragon. He gave seminars on “circling hands,” bringing a lot of insight into the seemingly simple movements of the chi exercise. I was surprised how the precise body position and motions he taught brought very different results than how we’ve trained in the past. It’s great to be reminded that there’s always more to learn!